Central Library

The College Central Library is open to all the members of the staff & students of the college and such other persons specially permitted by the Principal.

The College Library at present has got three broad divisions.
(i) The general section consisting of 30,350 volumes.
(ii) The Book Bank consisting 4,500 volumes.
(iii) In addition, the college subscribes about 25 journals and periodicals.


(i) The College Library remains open from 10.00 A.M. to 4.30 P.M. on all working days of the college.
(ii) The first period of each working day is sat part for office work of the library and during the period no book will be issued, Books however may be returned during that period.
(iii) Students intending to borrow books should submit their requisition, slips containing the name of the books, authors’ names along with their Library cards on days allotted to their classes sufficiently before the time of issue. Students will not be allowed to go to the book racks.
(iv) No book shall be taken out of the Library without knowledge of the Librarian and until it has been properly entered in the register and the entry attested by the borrower.
(v) Books are issued to the students by the College once in a fortnight on the dates specified for each class.
(vi) Every borrower must examine the condition of the book before it is issued to him in case of mutilation discovered later the presumption will be against the borrower.
(vii) The maximum number of books that can be issued to the various categories of borrowers of the college library are as follows.
a) Member of the teaching staff    25 each
b) Class III employees                 10 each
c) Class IV employees                   2 each
d) + 2 Class students                    1 each
e) +3 Degree students (Honours) 3 each
f) Post Graduate students             3 each

(viii) Books should be returned within 30 days from the date of issue by all borrowers. The members of the teaching staff, however can retain the books with them for a period of three months. The books can be re-issued after the due date provided the books are brought to Library. When the last date for the return of a book falls on an authorized holidays, it may be returned to the Library on the next working day of the college. Books or periodicals must be returned to the Librarian and not to Library bearer.
(ix) All books borrowed from the Library should be returned before the Summer Vacation.
(x) Any book which is required by the Library for some special reason, should be returned forthwith.
(xi) A fine of 10 paise per book will be levied on a student for each day of delay 30 days in returning a book.
(xii) The Librarian shall report to Professor in charge of the Library, the name of the persons responsible for the improper use of Library bools, such as making marginal or other notes, tearing or removal of pages or pictures and dirtying or disfiguring the book in any way. The professor-in-charge will report the matter of the Principal for action.
(xiii) There will be no restriction on the use of any book in Library but certain books may be reserve use in the Library on the recommendation of the heads of respective Departments.
(xiv) Books of re3ference, maps, current issue of periodicals and rare books will not be issued for use at home without the special permission of the Principal and such articles issued to a student must be returned to the Library before the college closes on the day. Defaulters in this regard will have to pay a fine at the rate of 50 paise per day.
(xv) A book once issued to a borrower will be re-issued to him only if no body else wants it even if a borrower wants a book to be re-issued to him. He must first hand it over to the Librarian for necessary entries.
(xvi) The loss of Library card of any student should immediately be brought to the notice of the Librairian. A fresh duplicate Library Card will be issued on payment of a fine of Rs. 1/- only. Library card are not transferable.
(xvii) Towards the close of each academic year all the books shall be collected at the time of stock verification for comparison with the catalogue to facilitiate replacement or losses if any, and to repair the books. The stock verification should be done by members of the teaching staff and not by Librarian himself. During the period no person except with the special permission of the Principal shall have access to Library.
(xviii) Any book lost damaged or defaced by a borrower should be replaced by him. If the book ius one of a series and the volume cannot be obtained singly the whole set or series must be replaced by the borrower. If a book is not available, borrower will have to pay thrice the amount of existing market price of book mentioned in the catalogue, in case the price of the book cannot be ascertained the amount a decided by the Principal may impose fine as punishment on any student for improper use of books or journals of the College Library.
(xix) Those who come to the Library must observe strict silence. Students should not go beyond the Library counter without permission of the Librarian. They should possess their identity cards while they are in Library.
(xx) Spitting , smoking, and relaxing in the Library are strictly forbidden.